Just Checking In

Haven’t posted on the blog in a while. Been plenty busy with school, work, and YouTube.

Probably going to be making YouTube my full-time occupation soon, and quitting my part-time job and doing YouTube to support myself whilst I am in college. Hopefully all goes well.

Will try and post more often here, and keep in touch.



All is Well

Been doing a lot this summer. YouTube, working full-time, making money, spending it too.

Have learned a lot and come a long way in the span of 12 months. Going back to school soon; will be doing YouTube, my part-time job, full-time school, and possibly an internship. Definitely will be busy with my gf and personal affairs, not to mention finances and my hobbies like my YouTube channel and such.

Being busy is the key to life. All is well. So far, so good.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Gore by Deftones

Gore by Deftones represents an album that is fully representative of a band that has matured and aged and, with them getting older, their style of music has transformed and morphed.

It takes influences from a broad spectrum of their albums, most people saying it resembles White Pony in its tone and riffs. I would not disagree.

Some songs are heavy, with Doomed User perhaps being their most “thrashy” song on the album, but some of their songs, like Phantom Bride, have an almost “Digital Bath” feeling: melodic yet strong, passionate yet quiet.

For me, Doomed User, Hearts/Wires, and Rubicon stand out to me, along with Phantom Bride, as some of the best tracks Deftones has produced on the album, and Hearts/Wires, Rubicon, and Phantom Bride can even be attributed to be some of their greatest pieces of their discography. They are beautiful, potent, and cunning in their percussion, guitar riffs, and vocal force and whisk the listener away into a realm of alternative metal, filled with strong and powerful lyrics and a sound resonating with an opulence that can hardly be similar to other rock bands of this or even previous generations of the past two decades.

Gore proves that Deftones are still the rock band we know and love, but they are also a group that has grown emotionally, musically, and structurally, their music taking on experimental forms with melody and sound that few bands care or can care to replicate or try. I absolutely recommend this album.


End of the Beginning

Well, just started the last quarter of my freshman year of college.

Feels anti-climactic, but it’s an important step in going to where I want to go.

Gotta pass my undergraduate years with flying colors, go to law school (hopefully here at UC Davis) and get a J.D.; I’ve been exploring doing a joint MA/J.D. program here, which takes four years instead of the usual three for a law degree.

Definitely would be cool to have a bachelor’s and master’s in Political Science and be a Doctor of Jurisprudence.

Bills are ok; family is doing ok; health and the cat are ok; I guess everything in life is… really good actually. Gonna get my new gaming computer soon, I have a job, I have school, I have my girlfriend, I have a family, a roof over my head: I have everything people have dreamt of for centuries. The little peasant boy in rural England in the 1400s couldn’t have imagined having what I have; the small Arab girl who saw six “Presidents” rule her country in six years couldn’t have imagined what I have.

I feel ever so grateful for what I have, but also quite disturbed that there are some, plenty of people in fact, who will never experience the fortunes that I have. Sweat, tears, and blood have been spilled in trying to get me all of the things that I have in my life, and it is a shame that this is not true for some other peoples of this world.

It’s a feeling that makes you feel remarkably human.

A.N. Lopez


Update on Gaming and The Portfolio

Hey guys,

Quick update on the portfolio: I have moved some things around, streamlined some things, and added Twitter feeds and social media links into the sidebar.

Twitter is arguably the best way to keep in touch with me anywhere, so be sure to follow me on Twitter!

In addition, I’ve got some new, quick videos highlighting what I am doing on my YouTube channel and when and what I will be recording. Check them out below!