End of the Beginning

Well, just started the last quarter of my freshman year of college.

Feels anti-climactic, but it’s an important step in going to where I want to go.

Gotta pass my undergraduate years with flying colors, go to law school (hopefully here at UC Davis) and get a J.D.; I’ve been exploring doing a joint MA/J.D. program here, which takes four years instead of the usual three for a law degree.

Definitely would be cool to have a bachelor’s and master’s in Political Science and be a Doctor of Jurisprudence.

Bills are ok; family is doing ok; health and the cat are ok; I guess everything in life is… really good actually. Gonna get my new gaming computer soon, I have a job, I have school, I have my girlfriend, I have a family, a roof over my head: I have everything people have dreamt of for centuries. The little peasant boy in rural England in the 1400s couldn’t have imagined having what I have; the small Arab girl who saw six “Presidents” rule her country in six years couldn’t have imagined what I have.

I feel ever so grateful for what I have, but also quite disturbed that there are some, plenty of people in fact, who will never experience the fortunes that I have. Sweat, tears, and blood have been spilled in trying to get me all of the things that I have in my life, and it is a shame that this is not true for some other peoples of this world.

It’s a feeling that makes you feel remarkably human.

A.N. Lopez


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