Some Thoughts about Livestreaming

It occurs to me that using my apartment complex internet, competent as it may be, may not work well for playing multiplayer games and streaming on Twitch.

I have recently begun using XSplit which is actually a pretty competent livestreaming software (it would be nice to use it for recording offline, but file sizes are generally WAY too large).

Instead, I use it purely for streaming… or I would at least like to.

I think my internet may just be too darn slow to be able to handle playing an online game and livestreaming at the same time. I seem to be able to record and play online games at the same time, but even recently this has been a bit difficult, with random lag spikes during my games.

It is an interesting situation, considering that my new laptop has, as I have learned through user reviews, been known to have a few driver, hardware, and WiFi adapter issues.

To my knowledge, livestreaming singleplayer games is not that difficult, so it may be that livestreaming singleplayer games is what I will stick to on my Saturday and random Streams. Recording singleplayer games is also, mostly, what I do.

A.N. Lopez


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