Concerning Today’s Livestream

So, I did not livestream today like I said I would.

Explanation is required: essentially, I have deduced that my new gaming computer’s SSD, which the OS (Windows 10) is installed on, is somehow corrupted or damaged. The computer does NOT restart properly, and weird things happen to Windows 10 occasionally.

This being the case, I do have a 1TB HDD also with the computer which is where Steam and my video games are installed on. However, I think I have noticed that when playing games from the HDD and running Windows from the SSD, there seems to be a slight… disconnect (if that’s the way to put it).

I experience occasional stutters in my games that run at +100 FPS, and I believe some of this has to do with this crappy SSD.

So, I have decided that instead of going through the hassle of returning my computer to Amazon to get a replacement, we are going into tech mode: I will delete everything from my SSD and do a fresh reinstall of Windows 10 on my HDD and I will use ONLY the HDD for everything on my gaming computer.

Videos etc will be up by tomorrow, Sunday March 27th 2016. The Massilia campaign will resume and I will continue to play CS:GO, TF2, and perhaps start some other new series.

A.N. Lopez


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