Upgrading my Gaming Computer – Expect Video Delays!

Hey guys,

Quick update: I am updating my gaming computer!

So, this is a funny situation: I got my current gaming computer on Feb. 16th 2016 and I have been absolutely loving it.

However, my only desire to was to get a better GPU. Currently I have an NVIDIA GeForce 965m with 2gb of GDDR5 VRAM; emailed me and mentioned they have good deals on pre-owned or “warehouse” computer products, and one of these deals was an exact replica of my gaming computer but with an NVIDIA GeForce 980m with 4gb of GDDR5 VRAM.

This was a deal I could not pass up, so I have decided to exchange my current gaming computer for this new one with the 980m installed in it.

The new computer arrives this Friday, and I should have everything set up (hopefully) for Saturday’s Stream and, if not, I can maybe make some videos and maybe hold an impromptu stream on Sunday.

Who knows!

We will see how it all goes. Till next time!

A.N. Lopez

P.S. I am a bit worried about the Wrath of Sparta campaign: when I went to return my current computer at the shipping store, I remembered that I forgot to backup the save on my computer to my email or something. If Steam Cloud doesn’t have my save, that campaign is kaput! No worries: plenty more content where that came from!


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