End of the Beginning

Well, just started the last quarter of my freshman year of college.

Feels anti-climactic, but it’s an important step in going to where I want to go.

Gotta pass my undergraduate years with flying colors, go to law school (hopefully here at UC Davis) and get a J.D.; I’ve been exploring doing a joint MA/J.D. program here, which takes four years instead of the usual three for a law degree.

Definitely would be cool to have a bachelor’s and master’s in Political Science and be a Doctor of Jurisprudence.

Bills are ok; family is doing ok; health and the cat are ok; I guess everything in life is… really good actually. Gonna get my new gaming computer soon, I have a job, I have school, I have my girlfriend, I have a family, a roof over my head: I have everything people have dreamt of for centuries. The little peasant boy in rural England in the 1400s couldn’t have imagined having what I have; the small Arab girl who saw six “Presidents” rule her country in six years couldn’t have imagined what I have.

I feel ever so grateful for what I have, but also quite disturbed that there are some, plenty of people in fact, who will never experience the fortunes that I have. Sweat, tears, and blood have been spilled in trying to get me all of the things that I have in my life, and it is a shame that this is not true for some other peoples of this world.

It’s a feeling that makes you feel remarkably human.

A.N. Lopez


Trying Something Different


So, a lot of thought has gone into this move, but I have decided that I am going to move from my gaming laptop (the one I just returned due to a damaged SSD from the previous customer) to a gaming desktop.

Found a good one from ASUS for $1600 dollars that includes an i7-6700 3.5ghz processor, a GTX 970, 16gb DDR4 RAM, a decent wifi adapter, Windows 10, and even a Blu-Ray DVD drive.

Getting a 24” HD 1920×1080 monitor from ASUS and hopefully in the future will be grabbing a new keyboard and mouse set (maybe something from Paradox or VALVe, but the desktop comes with a pair anyway so it’ll do fine).

Also getting a new boom mic to go with the HyperX Cloud II gaming headset I picked up a few days ago: the headphones work awesome but the mic leaves something to be desired, so I figured if we are gonna have a mic, we should do it right.

All of this can be achieved for just about $1800 dollars from, whom I LOVE.

Things are gonna be up and running by Friday at the earliest. Wish me luck, and I’ll see you guys in game.

A.N. Lopez



Concerning Today’s Livestream

So, I did not livestream today like I said I would.

Explanation is required: essentially, I have deduced that my new gaming computer’s SSD, which the OS (Windows 10) is installed on, is somehow corrupted or damaged. The computer does NOT restart properly, and weird things happen to Windows 10 occasionally.

This being the case, I do have a 1TB HDD also with the computer which is where Steam and my video games are installed on. However, I think I have noticed that when playing games from the HDD and running Windows from the SSD, there seems to be a slight… disconnect (if that’s the way to put it).

I experience occasional stutters in my games that run at +100 FPS, and I believe some of this has to do with this crappy SSD.

So, I have decided that instead of going through the hassle of returning my computer to Amazon to get a replacement, we are going into tech mode: I will delete everything from my SSD and do a fresh reinstall of Windows 10 on my HDD and I will use ONLY the HDD for everything on my gaming computer.

Videos etc will be up by tomorrow, Sunday March 27th 2016. The Massilia campaign will resume and I will continue to play CS:GO, TF2, and perhaps start some other new series.

A.N. Lopez


Some Thoughts about Livestreaming

It occurs to me that using my apartment complex internet, competent as it may be, may not work well for playing multiplayer games and streaming on Twitch.

I have recently begun using XSplit which is actually a pretty competent livestreaming software (it would be nice to use it for recording offline, but file sizes are generally WAY too large).

Instead, I use it purely for streaming… or I would at least like to.

I think my internet may just be too darn slow to be able to handle playing an online game and livestreaming at the same time. I seem to be able to record and play online games at the same time, but even recently this has been a bit difficult, with random lag spikes during my games.

It is an interesting situation, considering that my new laptop has, as I have learned through user reviews, been known to have a few driver, hardware, and WiFi adapter issues.

To my knowledge, livestreaming singleplayer games is not that difficult, so it may be that livestreaming singleplayer games is what I will stick to on my Saturday and random Streams. Recording singleplayer games is also, mostly, what I do.

A.N. Lopez