Another Season Passes By

Well, its 2015.

I faintly remember this exact moment in time 365 days ago. I was a different person then. I didn’t have a girlfriend, I wrote often, and I felt a bit remorseful and regretful about a few things (and optimistic about others).

Now, I feel lost; I am in a relationship, have bills to pay, responsibilities to meet, and yet, I feel unsure of myself sometimes. I feel unsure of myself and my future, and I will soon be entering the debt-ridden world of college and life. Daunting and scary, it is.

But, I am still here. I am still Adrian, just a different Adrian. Aren’t we all? Do we all not know the challenges and mishaps that life brings? Things are often out of our control, and our attitudes and our minds are what govern our existence. The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind. For a long while I have been in a negative state of mind. I let things pass me by, and I don’t focus in school. I yearn for enlightenment, but I shun the knowledge of books, people, and the world around me.

My mentality has changed, therefore affecting my behaviors and my world. I think its time for reformation; it is time that I change a few things about myself, and be the man I am supposed to be. I sometimes feel gravely sad about the inhumanity and apathy of people, but I should be reminded of their capacity to love, cherish, and care for others; I have somewhat forgotten how to do those things myself.


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