To: President Obama / From: A Concerned American

Note: I am not Republican or Democrat, nor are these policies really favorable to one side or the other. They are just policies that would help the nation as a whole.

1. Balance out the economic inequality. Raise income taxes for anyone who makes $250,000 a year, and give that back to the schools of the State, help struggling middle and lower-class families and workers be able to feed their families and not worry about how they’re going to pay rent next month.

2. Crack down on large corporations and individuals who have too much money that was obtained from malpractices. Raise the minimum wage(in combo with your Obamacare, this should sort itself out well for the lower and middle-class). Benefit and offer subsidies to small businesses and regulate and reform manufacturing, transportation, infrastructural, and production industries to create jobs and draw business, labor, and capital to United States soil. Crack down on corporations based in America whose workforce consists of more than 25% of foreign laborers(China, for example. Mexico, Taiwan as well).

3. Give more money to the educational system and increase the power of the state governments to regulate and crack down on private educational institutions. Crack down on the privatization of public schools(no more charter schools and all that bullshit, education is not meant to be a business. Bureaucracy at its finest).

4. Crack down on government partisanship. Loyalty to the people and to your nation, not to your party. We are all Republicans, we are all Democrats.

5. Reduce military operations abroad; cut military spending and decrease the amount of money poured into the defense industry(the especially large mass-producing weapon corporations aren’t creating enough jobs domestically to generate enough capital, and we aren’t exporting a great enough amount of weaponry to make any dent in our economic situation at home). Bring United States soldiers home and into schools, law offices, and state and federal institutions rather than fighting on foreign battlefields.

6. Work toward creating a more centralized, cultural, and prosperous United States. Build more schools and theaters, community centers and town halls, bridges and dams, raise new forests, new towns, new cities, skyscrapers and monuments. Stop building prisons, juvenile correctional facilities, foreign military bases.

7. Reform immigration regulations. Make it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens, as they will generate tax revenue and live under the highest law of the land: the Constitution. Put immigrant children into schools to learn English, mathematics, science, history, economics, philosophy, calculus, engineering and art. Take the immigrant out of a holding cell and help him make his way in this nation.

Help the common man. Help the family. Help the worker. Help the child. Help the State. Help the nation’s people. We are not Protestant or Catholic, gay or straight, Mexican or Asian, black or white; we are Americans.


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