The Syria Situation: There Will be War

Everyone seems to be pretty clear of which camp they belong to when it comes to hostile military action toward Syria: either completely against or completely in support.

You have a group of people who are willing to take the fight to Syria even if its no one’s apparent business but the Syrians.

You have a group of people who do not want any part of Syria’s business for that exact reason: its Syrian business, and not anyone else’s.

But this is exactly the point and subject matter of the entire issue that lies at hand in the Syria situation: Syria is none of our business. You have a nation that is embroiled in a civil war, and foreign powers have meddled and fickled and tried to butt into the situation: whether they support the Assad regime or the rebel cause is irrelevant at this point.

If you look back at all the civil wars and divisions that have taken place throughout the most recent parts of our history, they are marked with intense and bloody full-scale war.The Korean War(Communist North supported by China and Russia, democratic South by the United Nations), the Vietnam War(Communist Vietnamese by the Russians, democratic Vietnamese by the United States).

Let’s go back even further. Russian Revolution of 1917(Aristocratic “Whites” supported by Western  Allies, Communist Bolsheviks supported by the German Empire and enemies of the Western Allies)

Or even so far as to say the French Revolution(Bourbon royalists supported, in theory, by Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, and other powers opposing revolutionary France, and Revolutionary France, supported in theory by the United States, small German states, and Spain)

My point is: throughout the history of the world, civil conflicts have always garnered the support of one camp or another from foreign powers. Camp A is supported by enemies of Camp B, who support Camp B. It has NEVER been about “what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s moral”. We are human beings and we live in a violent and doggy-dog world.

In the case of Syria, both Assad and the rebel forces have committed acts of tyranny, oppression, terrorism, and wage a violent and bloody war against their own culture and race of people. Syria is not in the right, but neither are the rebels.

If the world had any sense, they would leave the Syrians to kill each other and wait until one crawls out of the rubble bearing a white flag. We’d know who was the winner at that point, and we wouldn’t have to worry about World War III. But, in this day and age, diplomacy is “everything”, and so, the US and other major powers of the world will choose a camp to support. Mark my word: this will lead to war. If you look at the past, its the same setup. No one, especially not brave and courageous America or powerful and thick-accented Russia, is going to back down.

Just like Iran said, they will support Syria “to the end”. They don’t really care about Syria or its regime: Syria is a way to pick a fight with the enemies of Iran(a fight they think they can win).

America is doing the same thing, however. Most people of the world, including our well-to-do ally Great Britain, claim that America has no business in Syria. And we don’t. But America will pick a camp and use that reason to attack and humiliate the enemies of the United States: Syria, Russia, Iran etc. Barack Obama probably doesn’t give all that much a shit whether or not “chemical weapons” were used on the Syrian people: an opportunity has presented itself to assert control over an opposing power of the world. If you had any tactical or diplomatic sense, and you had the balls and power to back that sense up, you would use the opportunity to your advantage.

But, this might be the war that turns everything around for the United States. We have a huge national debt and economic strain on our people, and the people of the United States are tired and weary of war. If we attack Syria, and Iran and Russia and their camp come after us, there will be a war unlike anything we’ve seen yet.

And we will lose. We will lose for several reasons:

1. American citizens are tired of war and economic strain. Civil unrest will SKYROCKET. We’d be fighting a war no one wants to fight.

2. Iran and Russia, who are technically supporting their ally Syria, are in a better diplomatic and military position to strike against us. They are on the defensive. Our allies will flee(Great Britain has refused to fight), and we will be left alone to fight a war against formidable Russia and numerous Iran.

3. We do not have the treasury to support a full-scale war, nor do we have the treasury to pay the upkeep, transportation, and replenishment costs of a 1.4 million-strong Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, who would all be levied to service in the case of a large and concentrated Russo-Iranian-Syrian retaliatory campaign.

The Syria Situation is a reason for the US and our allies to strike against Syria, Russia, and their allies. Only way to get out of a hole is to stop digging(before its too late).


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