Your Mindset is Everything

People always tell me: I am way too old for my age. I am only sixteen years old.

My mentality, level of maturity, and ability to comprehend and understand adult situations has always been far more developed than most of my peers. And yet, I believe at times I have forgotten what I am capable of. I have forgotten the world that I live in. At times I have dealt with childish and foolish problems that plague every other teenager on this earth. Other times I act, think, and talk like an older man who has it all figured out.

For this past year and a half or so, I believe I have forgotten a few things. “Girls” and that whole situation about love has plagued my mind and my heart. My outlook on my future and self-esteem has fluctuated drastically. My life has had its ups and downs. And yet, the quote I have posted on my wall still holds its meaning true:

“The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.”

Your life, your mentality, and your emotions hold true to whatever mindset you have. If you believe yourself to be just like everyone else, you will be plagued and drawn into the issues that everyone else has. But if you believe yourself to be different, and you embrace that difference, you will be a different person than everyone else.

I realize now that, at the end of the day, I am different than other people. I believe myself to be a wise, honorable, and well-to-do and successful man. The second I stop believing that is the second I am looking for trouble. The second I lose faith in that belief, I lose faith in myself and my life. You can’t swing to one side and swing to the other. You cannot want to act like a man, behave and talk like a man, and expect to be treated like a boy. You cannot succumb to the issues that a boy has and ask, “Why can I not figure this out? I am a man, aren’t I?”

That’s what has been happening to me. I have had doubts about my abilities and my life. I have had doubts about what I want, what I am capable of. And I’ve had these doubts because I have allowed the rest of my society to influence me. I have been brought down to their level. I have let them bring me down to their level.

Well no more of that. Time to be different. Time to realize who I am, and how I act, and how I behave, and how I talk and think. Gotta step up to the plate and deal with issues and life and the world as what you believe yourself to be. I want to be a good, hard-working man. Gotta start thinking like one.

– Adrian


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