A Clean Slate

Well, its the start of another glorious school year. Time for an update.

I attend Clayton Valley Charter High School. I am a Junior (11th grader), and I’ve got a fantastic schedule. Love all my teachers, and I love the amount that I have as well. Always something to do and improve upon, and that’s the best kind of feeling.

Working on becoming a filmmaker still; a long road is ahead of me for sure. But, that’s the exquisite thing about human beings: we were made to have dreams and to achieve them. I am aiming on going to UCLA School of Film, Television, and Theater, but there are many prestigious and knowledge-filled film schools in the United States.

I actually had an epiphany a week or two ago that when I graduate high school, I should move to Germany and start a new life in a new world. While this does entice me, there is nothing wrong with staying in the successful United States and learning 2 years worth of film and technical knowledge: knowledge expands your mind.

I have also taken some steps toward retiring my video game career: while it is a great hobby of mine, I feel like I have reached the point where I no longer need to spend time or money with video games. I need to spend my time making films, writing literature and scripts, studying history and philosophy, and reflecting upon myself, my life, my goals and dreams, and my friends. I cannot spend time with video games, for one central reason: they do not help me. While I admit in the past I played video games to relieve stress and go into a fantastical world that was but a phantom of this one, I no longer have serious issues dealing with stress or problems, issues and hiccups in relationships. I deal with it like a man should, and a man cannot be playing video games in his free time.

There is time for work and time for love; that leaves no other time. That is a certain truth in this life.

I have matured. I have evolved. I have struggled through adversity, and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I will face challenges with friends, family, school, work, money, my dreams, but most of all: myself. My greatest enemy, and my greatest and most valuable companion, will always be myself. My own mind, my own heart. I want to make some changes, as I have been for these past three years of high school. Those changes start right now. Today. This very moment.

I plan on writing in my portfolio more.

Adrian Lopez



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