That time of the year…

Well, its Christmas. As always, the spirit and meaning of Christmas is to give to other human beings out of sheer will. It turns out that I was given a very nice, moderately expensive Sony video camera from my family (much appreciated).

This is an interesting development in my film career. I can now actual make films that aren’t on a 1.3 megapixel smartphone. I’ll keep everyone posted on my film projects, and I am going to be more active on my portfolio, as you all know what a nice camera, a tripod, a 2 hour battery, plenty of friends, ridiculous amounts of coffee, 5 Hour Energy, and perhaps some sleep sums up to be: an amateur (short) film(s).

Cheers everybody, and merry Christmas.


My Father


you would always tell me how much you loved me,

that the world is big and wonderful,

and that one day, when I was older, I would understand.



you told me it is important to go to school,

that it you and mom were always going to be together,

and that we would always be a big happy family.

I told you how much I wanted to be just like you.



I told you I wanted to be anything but you,

that I hated you and that you ruined our family and my life,

that mom would always look after me and take care of me,

you weren’t my dad anymore.



You told me you were sorry for the ways things turned out,

that you didn’t want my life to be this way,

you told me not do what you did,

to be a man of my own,

to make my own decisions and make my life whatever I wanted it to be,

that you loved me very much,

you would always be there for me,

that I made you proud everyday.



I followed your advice to follow my dreams,

to meet a beautiful and loving wife that you could call your daughter-in-law

to be a man of value and intelligence,

to always remember who I was and where the Mexican blood in me comes from,

to always work hard and to love your family.



I remember the time when I told you I wanted to be just like you,

that I wanted to grow big and strong like my papa,

to work hard and have a family and be proud of who I was,

when you told me to be my own man

to not do what you did,

to follow my dreams,

when you told me you were sorry for everything.



I tell you now that I love you, and that I always will love you,

you were the only father I am ever going to have,

you taught me to be a man of value,

to respect where I come from,

I have children of my own calling my Papa,

I hope I have made you proud,

I love you, Dad.

From the time I came into this world,

from the time I watched you be put into the ground,

from the time that the last words I said to you came from my lips,

I love you.