Finally! A Resume!

I finally have a completed and thorough CV / Resume. It has EVERYTHING in there. Take a look:

CV / Resume


6/25/2012: Some New Contract Work

I’ve been hired to do a couple of different things.

Legends of Etherell

  • I’m working as a community manager and web designer. This particular game is an ambitious MMORPG.



Execore Hosting

  • I’ve been hired as a community manager and a sales representative. Execore Hosting provides dedicated game servers, voice servers, and web hosting at really really cheap prices.



Firestorm Productions

  • I’ve been hired as a web designer. Won’t be doing much with this. The website is already done(wasn’t hard).



Reservoir Dogs

WOW. What a film. First time I saw it was today. Quite an incredible experience derived from the mind of Quentin Tarantino.

Its one of those “Doesn’t matter where you’ve been or where your going, it matters what your doing.” The whole “criminal heist plan gone awry” at its roots, and should I say, at its best. A simple situation turns into a shit storm of trouble. A lot of chaos, violence, and blood.

Harvey Keitel is his usual best, but I was really impressed by Tim Roth. Playing a dying robber bleeding to death is a difficult role, and he was just perfect.

Although it is a very good film, the real kick to it is that its short, sweet, and to the point. The actual heist isn’t shown, and the dives into the characters’ pasts aren’t as deep as I expected. Could’ve been better with more buildup. But, for Quentin Tarantino’s debut, its spot on and shines like it rightfully deserves.

– Adrian


A Busy Summer Ahead of Me

Got a lot of things to do this summer.

  1. Handle and run DoDR.
  2. Work out(go running, push-ups, crunches)
  3. Get into habits(running every morning etc.)
  4. Learn self-discipline
  5. Go to bed at a decent hour every night
  6. Be the main escort for my cousin’s quincenera
  7. Live.

Well, I’m off to a good start so far.

– Adrian