A Makeover

I am no longer a game developer. Only a filmmaker. I no longer have an interest in video games, nor will I work on or play video games again. Its time for my real life to begin. School and work.

– Adrian


The Essence Engine

I’ve been working with the Essence engine, the powerful and very good-looking engine that powers Company of Heroes as well as Dawn of War II. I’ve been trying to learn how to level design for Company of Heroes using its “Worldbuilder” tool. Here’s some screenshots of what I’ve done so far for my very first map titled ‘St. Augustine’.

A simple overhead view of the map.
The bridge that connects the two sections of the city that are divided by the river.
This is the starting position of one of the players guarded by two machine-gun emplacements.
These are the maps territory sectors, as seen from an overhead perspective.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. We’ll see how it goes.

– Adrian