Major Updates!

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been away from my portfolio for a while. Things have been a bit busy and hectic on my end, but at least I can jam in a journal entry to fill you guys in on how I’ve been doing! School is going well, and my grades are consistent. I have finals coming up, but that isn’t stopping me from doing what I need to do on the computer.

I recently gave a sort of ‘morale-boosting speech’ to my team for Half-Life 2: Retaliation. I might as well say that we are going to be picking up the pace and moving very quickly as far as development goes. Release for HL2: R is scheduled for the end of June of this year, and to be honest, I have yet to know if we will make that deadline. But all in due time will we be able to find out.

I also started a new project of mine, called Introversion Tournaments. It is a community group centered around Introversion Software’s video game smash hits Multiwinia, DEFCON, and Darwinia. We host playdates and tournaments in hopes of bolstering the community so that the games are actively played. So far we’re off to a slow start, but we are planning our 1st tournament, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

Regarding changes to the website, I have added a ‘Downloads’ page and changed the system for downloading stuff. It should be better now to acquire files(or at least easier). Go check it out if your interested.

Anyway, I might post some journal entries about some films later. I have been specifically thinking about the film Dahmer (2002).

– Adrian


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