I watched a new film on Thursday called “Cyrus”. A damn good, I must add. Although the film was taken as a comedy, it absolutely is not. I was astounded at the performance and the way the events of the story and meaning of the film came together, both through the course of the movie and the climax. Basically, this post is about picking the film apart. Lets begin.

First off, I want to say the cinematography is excellent. Not what I would think right off the bat would be a good camera style, but it does work, and I do see how its used. It appears to be a mix of Steadicam and “guerrilla-style”. It consist of shaky camera movements, and frequent zooms on people’s faces and points of interests. I feel it creates a good balance of balance and emotion in the scene, and when used in intense scenes, also works well. Although the issue with that type of filming would be frequent movements or continuous takes. The shakiness can be a bit taxing if used so much, or having lots of different points of interest in scenes. Even so, the cinematography was beautiful.

I also adore this film for using the “silence” technique. Silence can be used to create MANY different emotions, tones, and moods of scenes, ranging from intensity, to confusion, and even sadness. In this film, its used as a mix of confusion and intensity. In some scenes, it just gets you thinking, and immerses you in the emotion of the characters. Along with the frequent zooms of the cinematography style, coupled with the excellent dialogue and performances by the actors(John C. Reilly, Marisa Tomei, Jonah Hill), it all comes together as one damn successful use of silence. One of the best I’ve seen in a film.

As I said, the performances were excellent. But what really caught my eye was the facial expressions, and the tones of the scenes. Although there wouldn’t be dialogue in some scenes, the tone is set by the facial expressions of the characters, whether they be full of sadness, or a face filled with intensity. You could immediately tell what was happening and what the characters were thinking when looking at their faces, and I also feel that a feat was achieved through this type of direction.

All in all, a very solid film. I was impressed. You guys should watch it too.


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