High School, And Some Other Thoughts

First day of high school went pretty god damn well. Saw a lot of friends, got to see my teachers and my classes. Time to get shit rolling, and to get serious. I’ve got a lot of work to do this year.

Its good to be back at school.

Work on my mod is also going well. Recruited four new mappers, and we’re assigning work to each of them. At this rate, a 2012 release is a strong possibility I hope to accomplish.

I’ve written a script for the first episode of “On The Western Front” my World War II machinima comedy series that will be premiering in the future. Work is slow as I have a lot on my plate, but it continues to progress.

I am also starting to think more and more of my education. My ultimate goal is to graduate high school with outstanding grades, and go to the University of California – Los Angeles and major in Film Production. I wish to learn the ways of directing, editing, and learning how to create and manipulate my visions and other people’s works onto the big screen. The trick is paying the tuition getting accepted. Tuition for UCLA is close to $15,000 a year, and for me to take the core classes as well as my major, that’s a minimum of four years. $60,000, not to mention living costs as well as side expenses can add up quickly, and I wouldn’t be looking forward to being in debt and having to pay all of that back.

One thought of mine is to join the United States Marine Corps and take up an Officer or Marine Sniper position. I have always been a war and gun enthusiast, and almost all my life has it been a thought of mine to be a soldier. With the military paying for my education, and I fulfill one of my many dreams of being in the military, I don’t see a better opportunity. Although this is all a ways off from my final decision, I know that I being trained to kill and fighting in exchange for so many more doors to be opened to fulfilling my life dreams, it is the perfect set of events that can unfold.

– Adrian


3 thoughts on “High School, And Some Other Thoughts”

  1. Oh, why would you want to go into the army? You don’t want a bullet in the head and many guys who actually get sent to their duties and kill some terrorist come back mentally unstable.

    1. Its always been my dream to serve in the army, and to be honest, its always been of a vision of mine to kill.

      And even then, being a soldier is something not everyone can do. I feel I can and I want to. And you know me, I am very intelligent and can handle and multitask at a lot of different subjects.

      Me being a soldier would be a very good thing. I feel as an Officer, I could lead men into combat and keep shit under control and get the job done. As a Sniper, I feel I could also do very good at leading a team, staying nice and quiet, fulfilling my objective, and pulling out without being a liability to my comrades.

  2. Dude, i understand that you want to join the marine core to serve your country and fellow man and women, But it all seriousness, the reason i wont join is because half of the time our wars are started over religion or this dumb Shi* called oil. War is only benefiting the winner. We are usually the winners, But does it really help us no. (Not trying to be offensive on this one.) How many lives do you think are takin daily in a war, 100’s to 1000’s. When people join the army yea it helps defend their country and pride, but really when you look at it, your giving other kids encouragement to have them go out there and have a chance to get killed. That kid who gets killed maybe had the possiblility of finding a cure for cancer. Who knows maybe he could have brought world peace in a different way than war. All im saying in all seriousness, Consider not going and going i really dont want to be the factor that stops you of living something you want to live, I just dont want to know, That you went to war for nothing killed someone for no purpose, Or even died, Not for your country but for people who barely care about their own damn states or even their own people. Just another thing if you come back a Veteran, look around the streets, Who are most of the hobos? Most of the poor? That’s Right war veterans, Now adrian please give it major major major thought in not going into the army, you can do more here than over there.

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