[HL2: R] Pushed back into 2012… And We Have a Trailer!


Hello everyone! We are here to bring you another glorious news post on behalf of the Half-Life 2: Episode Two singleplayer modification, Half-Life 2: Retaliation. In this news post, we’ll just be updating you on the situation on whats going on here at Agent Red Productions, and what our plans are for the mod. Some topics that will be covered are:

  • The brand new Half-Life 2: Retaliation official trailer
  • A change to the game’s release date
  • A possible new enemy and new area for the mod
  • We’re still looking for level designers!

So, lets begin!

The Mod’s Official Trailer

Well, here it is. The actual, official trailer for Half-Life 2: Retaliation. Go crazy.

Beautiful. Epic. All these words come together to describe this mod and its trailer. Naw, I’m joking, I’m not that self-centered. You may have noticed that at the end it said “retaliate Q2 2012”. Well, that’ll be explained right now.

A Change of Plans

Look, I will be fair and straight with you fine folks and supporters of our mod. A 2011 release date is just not enough time to fine tune, map, and make it a mesmerizing and impressive mod that we wish it to be. That shit ain’t happening. But no worries! We are positive that on the release day of next year, Half-Life 2: Retaliation will be one of the finest, longest if not THE longest singleplayer Source mod ever released, and also one of the most mesmerizing and entertaining Half-Life 2 experiences ever.

It is not such a bad thing for a mod to take a long time. For example:

  • Mission Improbable Parts 1 and 2 took nine months each to finish and release.
  • MINERVA: Metastasis took over a year to complete.
  • Operation Black Mesa, Black Mesa, and Gaurd Duty have all been in development since Half-Life 2’s release.

And when the day comes for their release, the foundation of Source singleplayer modifications will be shattered. We hope that with our mod, we stand high and proud among those mods as some of the most incredible singleplayer modifications ever, not just in terms of the quality of the levels or the design of the game, but for your enjoyment, and for you have another stunning and breath-taking adventure to play through!

A New Enemy, A New Area

My team and I are contemplating adding a brand new area to the mod to be seen in the City 17 chapters, and this new area is called “The Shipyards”. The Shipyards are the docks and maintenance facilities for naval vessels in City 17, as the city was once a vibrant oceanic trading center.

The Shipyards are now the field headquarters of the feared Civil Protection branch of the Combine Trans-Human Arm of the Overwatch. Just as how the City 17 Nexus was the headquarters for the Overwatch, The Shipyards are the core and central hub for all Civil Protection activities. As you enter City 17 and ignite the Uprising, you will first-handedly assault and destroy the Civil Protection headquarters in The Shipyards, disrupting all Civil Protection forces and requiring the intervention of Overwatch infantry and armor support.

A concept screenshot of what they could look like.

You and what you do will result in the collapse of the Civil Protection, but their headquarters won’t go down easy. You will face a new type of enemy, a more lethal version of the Civil Protection Officer, the Civil Protection Shocktrooper. Deployed only in the up-most important areas under Civil Protection jurisdiction, the Shocktrooper has as much health as a Combine soldier, and often travel in squads lead by their fellow Shocktroopers. They are not to be underestimated.

The Shocktroopers wear the same colors of the standard CP Officer uniform, but they have a long, lightly-armored trenchcoat which is the reason they are harder to kill. It also is important to note that they almost always travel in squads of 3 or more, and one member of a squad almost always has a deployable manhack available for use and a Pistol.

CP Shocktroopers in action.

We Are Still Hiring

We are still looking for veteran and highly-experienced Source level designers to aid in the development of the mod. Apply by emailing us at adrian_n_lopez@hotmail.com

Our Farewell

Well everyone, we’ve said what has needed to be said, and it is time for me to go. I hope you continue to support the mod, and we’ll see you very very soon =)

– Adrian “The Joker” Lopez

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