The People You Love

Met a person today who would do anything for his girlfriend. When things try to tear them and keep them apart from each other, he dies again and again. And it got me thinking. What would I do for the person I love? To be honest, I would do anything. Who wouldn’t?

This girl, I waited for her. Forever. Known her since we were kids. We even liked eachother back then. Of course, it didn’t work out. What did when we were little, you know? I would recognize her anywhere in the world. If I saw her, my heart would skip a beat. And now, of all the places we could be, we are about to be going to the same high school. Like some sort of twist of fate. I believe its a miracle.

I saw her once in the 5th grade. Out of the sheer blue, out of absolute nothing, she was there. My friend and I went to get some pizza, walked through my old elementary school. I saw her there, playing with some of her friends. My heart stopped once I saw her. I knew it was her. We talked, although nothing of importance. I was too stunned to say anything. A decision I regret.

And so now, in the present day, we are to go to the same high school. What I’ve always wanted. Never saw her after that day in 5th grade. Three years. Three long years apart. I don’t know what to think. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how I will approach her, or react when I see her face again. How could I?

All in due time.



2 thoughts on “The People You Love”

  1. The world as you know it, is small but the world as the skies see it, its vast and beautiful. You know you love someone when just the thought of losing them brings you to tears. Even though, you wont forget it for years. The story has been told time and again, But it all begins with fate. You trust your heart you trust your soul. You entrust the one you love with the power to destroy you, and Trusting them not to. You love someone and they get to know everything about you. Its whats special, by all the means, But they say there is no love in teens. Im the proof and Joker is the ones that prove them wrong, we wouldnt give up even if you taught us wrong. Its not make believe you see, its all that you can see, Through the bloodshot Stupid insensitive eyes you have, Fix your mind fix your heart fix your soul, Why havent you noticed we have paid the toll? When all is said in done, you are the ones being shunned, we stand with our love feverent for our others, We are men, we know our choices, thats why we coninue to use our voices, you cant tell us right and wrong, until you have even learned The love feverent song.

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