My New Map – “In Utter Darkness”

Well, I’ve got a new map on the way. Its for the PlanetPhillip mapping competition “GravityGunVille”. For the full details on the competition, click on this link now. My entry for the contest is called “In Utter Darkness”.

It takes place in a mysterious, abandoned underground bunker. Your job is to navigate the stone corridors and somehow escape. I won’t tell you what enemies you’ll encounter or the mood of the map, but I can tell you you’ll enjoy it. You only get a gravity gun, a crowbar, and one other ammunition-fed weapon with a limited supply of bullets.

I hope to create a dark, surreal, and creepy yet fun-filled and entertaining experience. Physics puzzles, using your gravity gun against enemies, and trying to get you into a “Portal: how to do get through this” sort of feeling.


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