High School, And Some Other Thoughts

First day of high school went pretty god damn well. Saw a lot of friends, got to see my teachers and my classes. Time to get shit rolling, and to get serious. I’ve got a lot of work to do this year.

Its good to be back at school.

Work on my mod is also going well. Recruited four new mappers, and we’re assigning work to each of them. At this rate, a 2012 release is a strong possibility I hope to accomplish.

I’ve written a script for the first episode of “On The Western Front” my World War II machinima comedy series that will be premiering in the future. Work is slow as I have a lot on my plate, but it continues to progress.

I am also starting to think more and more of my education. My ultimate goal is to graduate high school with outstanding grades, and go to the University of California – Los Angeles and major in Film Production. I wish to learn the ways of directing, editing, and learning how to create and manipulate my visions and other people’s works onto the big screen. The trick is paying the tuition getting accepted. Tuition for UCLA is close to $15,000 a year, and for me to take the core classes as well as my major, that’s a minimum of four years. $60,000, not to mention living costs as well as side expenses can add up quickly, and I wouldn’t be looking forward to being in debt and having to pay all of that back.

One thought of mine is to join the United States Marine Corps and take up an Officer or Marine Sniper position. I have always been a war and gun enthusiast, and almost all my life has it been a thought of mine to be a soldier. With the military paying for my education, and I fulfill one of my many dreams of being in the military, I don’t see a better opportunity. Although this is all a ways off from my final decision, I know that I being trained to kill and fighting in exchange for so many more doors to be opened to fulfilling my life dreams, it is the perfect set of events that can unfold.

– Adrian


[HL2: R] Pushed back into 2012… And We Have a Trailer!


Hello everyone! We are here to bring you another glorious news post on behalf of the Half-Life 2: Episode Two singleplayer modification, Half-Life 2: Retaliation. In this news post, we’ll just be updating you on the situation on whats going on here at Agent Red Productions, and what our plans are for the mod. Some topics that will be covered are:

  • The brand new Half-Life 2: Retaliation official trailer
  • A change to the game’s release date
  • A possible new enemy and new area for the mod
  • We’re still looking for level designers!

So, lets begin!

The Mod’s Official Trailer

Well, here it is. The actual, official trailer for Half-Life 2: Retaliation. Go crazy.

Beautiful. Epic. All these words come together to describe this mod and its trailer. Naw, I’m joking, I’m not that self-centered. You may have noticed that at the end it said “retaliate Q2 2012”. Well, that’ll be explained right now.

A Change of Plans

Look, I will be fair and straight with you fine folks and supporters of our mod. A 2011 release date is just not enough time to fine tune, map, and make it a mesmerizing and impressive mod that we wish it to be. That shit ain’t happening. But no worries! We are positive that on the release day of next year, Half-Life 2: Retaliation will be one of the finest, longest if not THE longest singleplayer Source mod ever released, and also one of the most mesmerizing and entertaining Half-Life 2 experiences ever.

It is not such a bad thing for a mod to take a long time. For example:

  • Mission Improbable Parts 1 and 2 took nine months each to finish and release.
  • MINERVA: Metastasis took over a year to complete.
  • Operation Black Mesa, Black Mesa, and Gaurd Duty have all been in development since Half-Life 2’s release.

And when the day comes for their release, the foundation of Source singleplayer modifications will be shattered. We hope that with our mod, we stand high and proud among those mods as some of the most incredible singleplayer modifications ever, not just in terms of the quality of the levels or the design of the game, but for your enjoyment, and for you have another stunning and breath-taking adventure to play through!

A New Enemy, A New Area

My team and I are contemplating adding a brand new area to the mod to be seen in the City 17 chapters, and this new area is called “The Shipyards”. The Shipyards are the docks and maintenance facilities for naval vessels in City 17, as the city was once a vibrant oceanic trading center.

The Shipyards are now the field headquarters of the feared Civil Protection branch of the Combine Trans-Human Arm of the Overwatch. Just as how the City 17 Nexus was the headquarters for the Overwatch, The Shipyards are the core and central hub for all Civil Protection activities. As you enter City 17 and ignite the Uprising, you will first-handedly assault and destroy the Civil Protection headquarters in The Shipyards, disrupting all Civil Protection forces and requiring the intervention of Overwatch infantry and armor support.

A concept screenshot of what they could look like.

You and what you do will result in the collapse of the Civil Protection, but their headquarters won’t go down easy. You will face a new type of enemy, a more lethal version of the Civil Protection Officer, the Civil Protection Shocktrooper. Deployed only in the up-most important areas under Civil Protection jurisdiction, the Shocktrooper has as much health as a Combine soldier, and often travel in squads lead by their fellow Shocktroopers. They are not to be underestimated.

The Shocktroopers wear the same colors of the standard CP Officer uniform, but they have a long, lightly-armored trenchcoat which is the reason they are harder to kill. It also is important to note that they almost always travel in squads of 3 or more, and one member of a squad almost always has a deployable manhack available for use and a Pistol.

CP Shocktroopers in action.

We Are Still Hiring

We are still looking for veteran and highly-experienced Source level designers to aid in the development of the mod. Apply by emailing us at adrian_n_lopez@hotmail.com

Our Farewell

Well everyone, we’ve said what has needed to be said, and it is time for me to go. I hope you continue to support the mod, and we’ll see you very very soon =)

– Adrian “The Joker” Lopez

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A New Machinima Series

Well, I have given up on “The Way I Am” and moved on to something I’m a bit more interested in doing. Its called “On The Western Front”. You can find a preview of it right here, take a look:

It focuses on a group of American and German soldiers in 1944 Europe who harass, annoy, fight, communicate, and even help eachother in some ridiculous shenanigans and situations. Although I don’t intend for this series to be completely comical. As you can see from the preview, the opening scene of the series isn’t all that pleasant, but rather a more intense and serious take on warfare.

I am using the game “Garry’s Mod” to film it. I am debating whether or not to have voice acting(either by me, or friends of mine including me) and whether to make each episode different, or each intertwined with eachother. We’ll just have to wait and see.

– Adrian


[HL2: R] We Are Hiring! And We Have Some Videos Too


Hello everyone! Adrian “The Joker” Lopez here with another news post for you regarding this fine mod of ours called Half-Life 2: Retaliation. We’ve got some videos here for you that demonstrate some new gameplay features(probably the last to be implemented ever), and we also would like to discuss the fact that we are looking for additional personnel to develop the mod alongside us. More details as we go, so lets do it.

Vision Desaturation

One of the newly-implemented gameplay features that I’ve wanted for a while was vision desaturation, or when you are injured, your screen will start to turn grey and you will begin to hear your heartbeat. This feature was made possible by the brand new Shader Editor that was released not too long ago, and some good ol C++ coding. To fully understand this new feature, why don’t you look at the video.

Pretty cool huh? I think it adds a bit of spice to the mod, instead of the same ol little red flashing health indicator letting you know your going to die. The visual effect of your screen just adds some oomph to it.

New Blood, Weapon Animations, and Muzzleflashes

In order to increase the spice and pizazz a bit more, we decided to add new blood decals. They are different than the standard HL2 blood decals, and they look more realistic and less gory. We also added realistic muzzleflashes, they are slightly brighter, emit a bit more smoke, and look a bit more yellow. And as for the new weapon animations, we replaced the old AR2 with one that’s more orthodox and familiar, as well as replacing the pistol with another that is a better animation then what we had. The animations are courtesy of ManTuna. Yes, we give credit to him. Anyhow, why don’t you see them for yourself:

Ah, that’s nice ey? Just some nice details that make the mod more unique and enjoyable.
And as for the last bit of news we have for you today…

We Are Hiring

That’s right folks, we are hiring. We are currently looking for:

  • Four veteran and highly-experienced Source engine level designers

As a level designer, you would be constructing, detailing, polishing, designing, and completing full sections of the Half-Life 2: Retaliation campaign. You will be given designs by me and my partner, and you would need to be able to build the map according to the designs to the best of your ability.

If you would like to apply for the job, please send an email to adrian_n_lopez@hotmail.com with your contact information, Steam URL or Steam ID name(so that I may add you and interview you) and pictures/your portfolio of your level design and if you’ve worked on Source engine modifications before.

Full recognition, credit, and recommendations will be given to you for your work, and you will be added to the official Half-Life 2: Retaliation development team page on my portfolio.

Our Farewell

Well everyone, that’s all the information we have for you right now. Until next time,

– Adrian “The Joker” Lopez
Half-Life 2: Retaliation Lead Developer

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The People You Love

Met a person today who would do anything for his girlfriend. When things try to tear them and keep them apart from each other, he dies again and again. And it got me thinking. What would I do for the person I love? To be honest, I would do anything. Who wouldn’t?

This girl, I waited for her. Forever. Known her since we were kids. We even liked eachother back then. Of course, it didn’t work out. What did when we were little, you know? I would recognize her anywhere in the world. If I saw her, my heart would skip a beat. And now, of all the places we could be, we are about to be going to the same high school. Like some sort of twist of fate. I believe its a miracle.

I saw her once in the 5th grade. Out of the sheer blue, out of absolute nothing, she was there. My friend and I went to get some pizza, walked through my old elementary school. I saw her there, playing with some of her friends. My heart stopped once I saw her. I knew it was her. We talked, although nothing of importance. I was too stunned to say anything. A decision I regret.

And so now, in the present day, we are to go to the same high school. What I’ve always wanted. Never saw her after that day in 5th grade. Three years. Three long years apart. I don’t know what to think. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how I will approach her, or react when I see her face again. How could I?

All in due time.