[owc_prison] 7/12/2011

Status Update: July 12th, 2011

Well, quite a lot has happened to the map. I was supposed to get screenshots today, but after the recent changes the map has undergone, they would have no worth. I have completely fixed the exterior complex(ground floor), and completely destroyed the battlements and the building behind it. I have also removed all place holder brushes, detail props, and everything else that is unneeded. Only geometry, troop spawns, geometry for the traps, and pre-placed health, ammo, and grenade items. At this rate, I will have everything ready to go before the end of July. It is definitely going to be a lot more detailed, really good looking, and just plain better in general.

Changes to Ground Floor Exterior Complex
– Removed all props, placeholders
– Removed manhack spawns, as well as NPC clip brushes
– Textured the buildings, built realistic roofs to the buildings
– Changed the height of perimeter walls, textured them
– Changed the height of interior walls, textured them
– Re-textured some buildings
– Completely redesigned sentry towers, they will now be unique traps for the GM to be able to use. You can select one of the three towers to spawn a troop garrison(three Combine soldiers in the tower that are able to move around and attack the Resistance team)

Changes to Higher Ground/Second Floor/Interior Complex

– Removed almost everything
– Heightened and textured perimeter walls
– Removed all props, placeholders, buildings
– Added ladders to the water, players can now escape and continue on if they fall in
– Removed manhack spawns and NPC clip brushes, removed some defensive positions and shifted around metropolice spawn

I am now rebuilding the entire second floor, should be done by later today. As for the ground floor, I will probably begin detailing with textures and maybe displacements and stuff.

– Adrian “The Joker” Lopez


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