[HL2: R] LOTS of Stuff For You!

Salutations everyone!

Adrian Lopez here again, we another picture/info filled news post that you’ve all been waiting for! Things have been a bit quiet, but with the 4th of July, and me being on my summer break, don’t think we haven’t been making tremendous progress and having fun at the same time! But anyway, we’re here now, and we’re ready to show off our progress once again with screenshots, info, and a video! So, lets get started!

1. Our Status

Up until this point, July 5th of 2011, we have successfully completed and are working on:


  • Chapter 1 Background Map [DONE!]
  • Chapter 1, Section 1 [DONE!]


  • Chapter 2 Background Map [DONE!]
  • Chapter 2, Section 1 [DONE!]
  • Chapter 2, Section 2 [DONE!]
  • Chapter 2, Section 3 [WORK-IN-PROGRESS]


  • Chapter 3 Background Map [DONE!]
  • Chapter 3, Section 1 [DONE!]
  • Chapter 3, Section 2 [WORK-IN-PROGRESS]


  • Chapter 4 Background Map [DONE!]

Yes, we have made tremendous progress, and all that is officially left to do is complete the mapping, beta test for difficulty, bugs, and package it, upload it, and release it to the world. All gameplay features are now successfully implemented and finalized.

2. The Mapping

We have some great images to show you today showing off our improved lightning effects, dustmotes, and overall progress of the maps in terms of quality and detail.

Here, we have improved dustmotes and lightning.

Another image of our improved lightning and dustmotes.

Last one about the lightning, I promise!

Enough of Chapter 1, this is an image of a finalized Chapter 2, Section 2.

Another image of a finalized 2.2

A deceased Nova Prospekt guard rots in another hallway of 2.2

A lonely, empty hallway.

3. Some New Stuff!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, an exclusive sneak peek at Chapter 2, Section 3, and Chapter 3, Section 2, two detailed, fun, surprise-filled maps that are near completion already!

White Forest you say? I don’t think so, but it is 3.2

Definitely not White Forest, people. Something totally brand-new in 3.2

And a nice preview of Chapter 2, Section 3. NOTE: This is a Work-In-Progress, and if I here any sort of negative feedback based on what you see in the video, I will specifically point you out in the next news post, and you will face utter discrimination.

And there you have folks, some new content and plenty more where that came from! Please, track our mod, comment on the YouTube video, go to my portfolio for some other goodies of mine, and support Half-Life 2: Retaliation!

– Adrian “The Joker” Lopez
Half-Life 2: Retaliation Lead Developer


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