[HL2: R] Featured on ModdingToday! And Some New Pictures!


Hello everyone! I’m glad to be back writing another news post on this 29th of July, 2011. Its been several weeks since our last update, and boy has stuff really changed! The several big topics that we are here to inform you on include

  • Half-Life 2: Retaliation featured on ModdingToday.com
  • Our brand-new, sleek-looking ModDB page
  • The brand-new SMG1 weapon model
  • Screenshots and information on the status of the mapping of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

Well, I don’t know where to start. So, let’s just jump in and get on with it!

ModdingToday’s Review-Preview

I recently had a chat with one of ModdingToday’s editor, and I asked him if he would like a play a closed beta of Half-Life 2: Retaliation. He was absolutely thrilled, and gladly accepted. I emailed him the beta, he played it, and boy did he love it! He talked about what he saw and reviewed what was presented to him(not everything was =D). To read the full feature yourself, click on this link now!

Our New ModDB Page

I’m sure at some point or another you guys noticed our new and redesigned ModDB profile page. Do you like it? We feel it has a much more professional and sleek design then the layout before, and I hope you feel the same! You don’t want to know how much time it took to get it right.

The New SMG1

We have replaced the old SMG1 weapon model with something totally more high-definition and sleek, as well as realistic. It now has a real under-barrel grenade launcher as well as high-definition holographic sight. While it isn’t strict to canon, you can absolutely see the resemblance and think of it as a high-definition SMG1. Take a look for yourself:

But now, we need YOUR response. We want to know which SMG1 model you like better.

The old one:


The new one:

Status Update On Chapters 2 and 3

We have some great screenshots today of a close-to-final Chapter2_Section3. Its taken a long time and plenty of work to get this right(I mapped it all myself) for the scripting, and the detailing, and the garage battle as well! But more on that later, here are the screenshots:

Things are coming along very nicely. Playtesting shouldn’t take too long, and we can begin work on Chapter2_Section4. Chapter 3 on the other hand hasn’t made much progress. We’ve been having a bit of trouble finding the right details and the right textures to use for the map. We’ll sort it out and get screenshots soon.

Our Farewell

Well, that’s all for this news post folks! We hope you had a wonderful time looking at all of our progress, and we’ll back soon to bring you even more screenshots and videos of our progress.

And as for the SMG1 weapon models, please comment below and let us know what YOU WANT to see in the mod! The old or new SMG1 model, the decision is YOURS!

Until next time, folks!
– Adrian “The Joker” Lopez

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[owc_prison] 7/12/2011

Status Update: July 12th, 2011

Well, quite a lot has happened to the map. I was supposed to get screenshots today, but after the recent changes the map has undergone, they would have no worth. I have completely fixed the exterior complex(ground floor), and completely destroyed the battlements and the building behind it. I have also removed all place holder brushes, detail props, and everything else that is unneeded. Only geometry, troop spawns, geometry for the traps, and pre-placed health, ammo, and grenade items. At this rate, I will have everything ready to go before the end of July. It is definitely going to be a lot more detailed, really good looking, and just plain better in general.

Changes to Ground Floor Exterior Complex
– Removed all props, placeholders
– Removed manhack spawns, as well as NPC clip brushes
– Textured the buildings, built realistic roofs to the buildings
– Changed the height of perimeter walls, textured them
– Changed the height of interior walls, textured them
– Re-textured some buildings
– Completely redesigned sentry towers, they will now be unique traps for the GM to be able to use. You can select one of the three towers to spawn a troop garrison(three Combine soldiers in the tower that are able to move around and attack the Resistance team)

Changes to Higher Ground/Second Floor/Interior Complex

– Removed almost everything
– Heightened and textured perimeter walls
– Removed all props, placeholders, buildings
– Added ladders to the water, players can now escape and continue on if they fall in
– Removed manhack spawns and NPC clip brushes, removed some defensive positions and shifted around metropolice spawn

I am now rebuilding the entire second floor, should be done by later today. As for the ground floor, I will probably begin detailing with textures and maybe displacements and stuff.

– Adrian “The Joker” Lopez


[HL2: R] LOTS of Stuff For You!

Salutations everyone!

Adrian Lopez here again, we another picture/info filled news post that you’ve all been waiting for! Things have been a bit quiet, but with the 4th of July, and me being on my summer break, don’t think we haven’t been making tremendous progress and having fun at the same time! But anyway, we’re here now, and we’re ready to show off our progress once again with screenshots, info, and a video! So, lets get started!

1. Our Status

Up until this point, July 5th of 2011, we have successfully completed and are working on:


  • Chapter 1 Background Map [DONE!]
  • Chapter 1, Section 1 [DONE!]


  • Chapter 2 Background Map [DONE!]
  • Chapter 2, Section 1 [DONE!]
  • Chapter 2, Section 2 [DONE!]
  • Chapter 2, Section 3 [WORK-IN-PROGRESS]


  • Chapter 3 Background Map [DONE!]
  • Chapter 3, Section 1 [DONE!]
  • Chapter 3, Section 2 [WORK-IN-PROGRESS]


  • Chapter 4 Background Map [DONE!]

Yes, we have made tremendous progress, and all that is officially left to do is complete the mapping, beta test for difficulty, bugs, and package it, upload it, and release it to the world. All gameplay features are now successfully implemented and finalized.

2. The Mapping

We have some great images to show you today showing off our improved lightning effects, dustmotes, and overall progress of the maps in terms of quality and detail.

Here, we have improved dustmotes and lightning.

Another image of our improved lightning and dustmotes.

Last one about the lightning, I promise!

Enough of Chapter 1, this is an image of a finalized Chapter 2, Section 2.

Another image of a finalized 2.2

A deceased Nova Prospekt guard rots in another hallway of 2.2

A lonely, empty hallway.

3. Some New Stuff!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, an exclusive sneak peek at Chapter 2, Section 3, and Chapter 3, Section 2, two detailed, fun, surprise-filled maps that are near completion already!

White Forest you say? I don’t think so, but it is 3.2

Definitely not White Forest, people. Something totally brand-new in 3.2

And a nice preview of Chapter 2, Section 3. NOTE: This is a Work-In-Progress, and if I here any sort of negative feedback based on what you see in the video, I will specifically point you out in the next news post, and you will face utter discrimination.

And there you have folks, some new content and plenty more where that came from! Please, track our mod, comment on the YouTube video, go to my portfolio for some other goodies of mine, and support Half-Life 2: Retaliation!

– Adrian “The Joker” Lopez
Half-Life 2: Retaliation Lead Developer