My Own Portfolio

Well, this is my new portfolio. Using WordPress of course, but here I can integrate everything and anything I create, do, or think. Pretty sweet, I think. I also like it that its a new challenge for a veteran manager and administrator like me. I have a keen sense of professionalism, and I like that I get to have my own place that I get to organize and manipulate the way I have always wanted my own website to look.

Here, I will talk about my projects, such as Half-Life 2: Retaliation, and also my real life stuff. What I think, how I feel, links to my Facebook, YouTube, all that good stuff. But more importantly, I think I really will use this place for business and professional purposes. Perhaps I will place my short films here, or talk about my Source maps and mods. So many possibilities.

– Adrian “The Joker” Lopez


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